While the yachting season is approaching with great strides, the number of claims reported to BAVARIA AG has also increased quite strongly in the past few days. Since the beginning of March alone, 20 new claims have been registered. “Apart from one fire, these are not exorbitant cases, but they are the typical occurrences of the winter months,” comments Sandra Ahrabian, CEO of BAVARIA AG. On the one hand, storms and natural forces all over Europe were the cause, on the other hand – as usual in the darker season – thieves were also on the loose. “Without a lot of public traffic, organised crime is acting more intensively. Anyone who steals all the parking heaters or Z-drives from a winter storage facility, as we’ve seen, is not a casual thief but a professional.”

Meanwhile, the damage caused this month has long since been settled, so that almost all owners of the boats and yachts affected can look forward to the start of the season without hesitation. Ahrabian: “We are known for our uncomplicated and quick claims settlement. Many customers thank us afterwards. We have several statements about this on our homepage.

In this context, BAVARIA AG once again explicitly advises to take out a comprehensive insurance policy that covers 365 days a year. Those who take out seasonal insurances, as they are often offered, will most likely pay more overall, because damages in winter are not insured. Sandra Ahrabian: “I generally recommend BAVARIA all-risk cover.  With this insurance, you are equipped for all eventualities and covered without worries.