Report of damage

With a boat, you normally enjoy the vastness of the water and – theoretically – actually always have a lot of space around you. Nevertheless, damage regularly occurs – be it when entering harbours, manoeuvring or mooring and unmooring.

Property damage to your own boat due to vandalism or theft, storm or lightning can also occur. In the same way, construction and material defects can occur that you did not notice when you bought the boat and which restrict its operation. 

No matter what should happen to you: BAVARIA AG’s Immediate Claims Service will help you without delay and we will process the claim immediately. All we need is your damage report. You can send us the completed notification by e-mail, fax or post.

What to do in the event of damage – Our immediate damage service

What to do if the worst comes to the worst? In any case, keep calm and take the following measures for immediate claims service for a problem-free claims settlement:

  • Call the damage hotline: +49 (0) 89 – 69 39 23 88 or contact BAVARIA AG by email: [email protected]
  • Keep the damage as low as possible by taking appropriate immediate measures.
  • Always report burglary, theft and fire damage to the police.
  • Take photos of the damage, including detailed photos.
  • Submit cost estimates or quotations for the amount of damage.
  • Please describe the damage in as much detail as possible. 
  • Never assign claims against your insurer to third parties.
  • We are always there for you if you have any questions about your damage. Guaranteed.

These measures or this procedure have proven themselves at BAVARIA AG for many years, so that you can take these steps with confidence. If you are unsure about any point, please do not hesitate to contact us.

As with all questions concerning yacht, aircraft and classic car insurance from BAVARIA AG, the following principle applies here too: BAVARIA AG always has a human being answering the phone, not a machine. 

Request information:

You can reach us by phone at +49 (0) 89 – 6939 2323 or by email.