BAVARIA AG – Your partner for all your aircraft insurance needs

BAVARIA AG is your reliable and dependable partner for all your aircraft insurance needs. Whether you deal with aircraft individually as a pilot, as an aircraft owner or as a club, we will arrange the best possible cover for you in the event of insurance claims.

Our insurance conditions are clearly formulated. We tell you clearly what’s what. Because you are used to this from flying: every detail is important. At BAVARIA AG, this means: We always arrange the best possible insurance cover for you in hull and liability insurance as well as in accident insurance. This is guaranteed by our cooperation with the largest German insurance companies.


Your aircraft

First, we record and evaluate your aircraft type. This involves parameters such as technology, flight characteristics and controllability.


You as a pilot

When assessing your individual ability, personal training and experience are also taken into account, as well as continuous further training and type rating.

Ein sicherer Flug mit unseren Versicherungen

The flight

The interaction of pilot and aircraft is tested and evaluated. Here, the complexity of the systems is given great consideration in order to determine the pilot workload.

Sandra Ahrabian, Chairwoman of the Board

The very personal touch of BAVARIA AG

Do you have a question about one of our insurances or would you like to receive a non-binding offer? Do not hesitate to contact us. At BAVARIA AG, personal advice is a top priority. We always have a human being answering the phone, not a machine!

Our team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our yacht, aircraft and classic car insurance policies. Feel free to contact us by phone, email or video chat.

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Are you also paying too much for your aircraft insurance? Many people are not familiar with the insurance premiums in the aviation industry. We have developed an innovative, unique and above all fair rating system. The range of aircraft insurance extends from liability insurance and CSL insurance for passengers, owners as well as flight instructors to comprehensive insurance and accident insurance for private pilots or flight students, for example. We will be happy to inform and advise you personally about the various insurance services.

In the event that you need to make use of insurance services and our assistance, we are happy to be available to you by telephone around the clock; you can also file claims online. In any case, we enable you to process your claim quickly with Bavaria AG’s immediate claims service.

We have flying experience and know your wishes.

Aircraft insurance classification system

We know the risks and assess them fairly.
The innovative and above all fair rating system is based on three essential components that decide on the individual insurance premium:


FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Best rate

We offer you the best possible services at the lowest possible rates. This is based on an individual security check. Because we believe who flies a safe plane and has a good education and experience should pay only for his own individual risk.

Liability insurances

Our liability insurance provides you with worldwide protection and includes personal injury and material damage to strangers. This means you can conclude a holder or passenger liability with us, or a CSL (Combined Single Limit) insurance, ie a combination of both. We also offer a flight instructor liability insurance.


Our insurance conditions are clear and comprehensible. And you can rest assured that we act in your sense. After all, we are also pilots – and we know what can happen.


You can always rely on our insurance covering all important services including:

Individual ratings
Group contracts for fleets and clubs
Bonus system for no claims and additional qualification
Discounts for flight experience
Frequent flyer discounts
Professional support
We also offer liability and accident insurance

Security check

An independent expert committee has developed a database from insurance-relevant points of view, with which we can evaluate the pilot and machine from more than 1000 single-item evaluations. This results in an insurance premium specifically calculated for you.


We have compiled all the necessary forms, applications and explanations for you. These can be found in our download area.Downloads


In case of damage, we react immediately to your claim. Please use the forms from our download area. If you have a problem – just give us a call: 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our local man takes care of your needs and our damage department reacts immediately. In case of emergency you can reach us under the number: +49 (0) 89 – 69 39 23 88

Request your insurance

You can reach us by phone at +49 (0) 89 – 6939 2323 or by e-mail.