Comprehensive insurance

24/7 all-round protection

BAVARIA AG offers transparent and reputable conditions and works exclusively with German insurers. With us, a competent contact person always answers the phone, there are no waiting times and advice is always given by experts in their field. With BAVARIA AG you can insure your yacht with complete peace of mind.

Fixed rate

The value of the yacht is fixed and is compensated in the event of a total loss. This value applies for the entire term of the contract.

All risks cover

The best possible protection without ifs and buts. Everything that is not expressly excluded is also insured here. In addition, there is no reversal of the burden of proof; the insurer is obliged to provide evidence in the event of a claim.

No deductions “New for Old”

With BAVARIA AG, there are no deductions for new parts to be purchased. No current value is deducted.

New value insurance

You will receive the purchase price at the time the damage occurred – even if the yacht is already several years old.

Recovery and wreck removal

Whether ordered by the authorities or not – salvage and wreck removal are included in the BAVARIA AG insurance free of charge.

Paint, scratch and scuff damage

Unfortunately, these damages happen quite quickly and are excluded by many providers. With BAVARIA AG, they are also insured.

Construction and material defects

This recurring annoyance is also insured with us, provided that no claims can be made against the manufacturer. BAVARIA AG can provide supportive advice here as part of its customer service.

24/7 claims service

In the claims department of BAVARIA AG, a team of skilled boat builders, lawyers and experts process every claim unbureaucratically and, above all, particularly quickly. You can reach our team around the clock, even at weekends.

Transport and winter storage also insured

A yacht insurance policy from BAVARIA AG is also valid on land. Within the scope of the all-risk cover, winter storage and transport within Europe are also insured.

Dinghy and trailer insured

BAVARIA’s all-risk cover includes the dinghy and trailer. Since theft is not uncommon, this part is an important component of a good yacht insurance policy.

Regatta risk included in the insurance

Ob das Segel reißt, der Spinnaker-Baum über Bord geht oder der Spinnaker gar unterm Kiel gekappt wird – auf Regatten, die nicht kaum bei Leichtwind stattfinden, kann immer etwas passieren. Deshalb ist das Regatta-Risiko bei der BAVARIA AG mitversichert, und das nicht erst ab Sturmstärke.

Rig, sail and tarpaulin also insured

Rips in the sail due to storms, theft of a rig in winter storage, damage due to vandalism or external influences such as flooding – rigging, sails and tarpaulins are all covered under the all-risk cover.

Mast breakage and mast bending

On modern sailing yachts, the mast is a part that is quite susceptible to damage. That is why BAVARIA AG not only covers mast breakage, but also mast bending.

Liability insurance

Worldwide cover

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are: BAVARIA AG protects you against damage to third parties. All personal injury and property damage can be insured up to an amount of 30 million euros.

Dinghy included in insurance

The dinghy of your yacht is also insured with BAVARIA AG without limitation of benefits and free of premium.

Rental property damage/default cover

If the opposing insurance does not cover these damages, the liability insurance of BAVARIA AG will take effect.

Environmental and water damage

Environmental and water damage caused by you is also insured up to the flat-rate sum insured. Fire brigade operations are also covered.

Regatta risk also included in the insurance

Many providers do not include the regatta risk in their liability insurance. Yet regattas, in which time and competition are at stake, are very expensive. Therefore, the regatta risk is also included in BAVARIA AG’s liability insurance.

Trailer insurance

When disconnected, the trailer is also insured with BAVARIA AG. After all, it can always happen that it causes minor injuries or damage, e.g. to other cars.


Passenger accident insurance

Complete protection of owner and guests

Any accident on board is fully covered up to the amount of the cover.

No health check required

With BAVARIA AG there is no restriction due to a health check, but quick insurance cover.

Assumption of costs of search, rescue or recovery of persons

BAVARIA AG shall bear all costs for search, rescue and recovery measures in the amount of the agreed sum insured.

Cost reimbursement for cosmetic surgery

If injuries occur as a result of damage that necessitate cosmetic surgery, BAVARIA AG’s passenger accident insurance will also take effect here.

Insurance cover for cases of death and disability

After an accident or damage, repatriation costs, also by helicopter or aeroplane, are also insured up to an amount of the agreed sum insured.

No restriction on boat size

BAVARIA AG passenger accident insurance is not tied to the size of the boat. Only very large yachts require special insurance and an adjustment of the sum insured.

High sums insured

BAVARIA AG’s high levels of cover provide adequate protection for the owner or skipper as well as for all guests travelling on board.

Sandra Ahrabian, CEO

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