For many BAVARIA customers, owning a yacht with a berth on the Mediterranean is associated with real estate ownership in the yacht’s cruising area. These properties can now also be insured with BAVARIA AG, according to German law and German conditions! Sandra Ahrabian, CEO of BAVARIA AG, says: “We offer an exclusive and unique insurance product with all-risk cover that everyone who owns a property abroad should definitely take a look at.”

It is true that taking out household contents and buildings insurance is not mandatory in all countries. However, to protect property, taking out household contents and buildings insurance is strongly advised even if it is not compulsory. This is especially true if the property is only used occasionally. Second homes are often not optimally protected against burglary and vandalism; moreover, it can take quite a long time before the owner learns of a claim, which in turn can lead to consequential damage. Insurance cover can make the difference between a little trouble and a full-blown financial disaster.