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Riva Opera 85

Riva 85′ Opera is pure Riva style and tradition. It has been completely restyled and features a more expansive cockpit, a larger window that further illuminates the master cabin and a host of other super amenities that make living on board one of lifes greatest pleasures. An innovative fly bridge offers an ample space for sunbathing, relaxing or sipping a cocktail at the bar. The elegant side windows have been supplemented by another extra large window to provide even more natural light below decks. The contrast between the warm colors of the woodwork and the leatherwork inspire relaxing. Nothing has been overlooked to make the 85′ Opera Super charismatic in every respect. Accommodations on the RIVA 85 OPERA SUPER can sleep 8 guests in 4 modern and spacious staterooms, all with ensuite facilities.

Mallorca Yacht Partner

Kantstr. 13

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Generelle Information

Hersteller: Riva
Modell: Opera 85
Kategorie: Motorboot
Verkausstatus: Zur Verfügung
L.ü.A.: 26.20m
Tiefgang: 2.00m
Breite: 6.20m
Baujahr: 2006


Farben: Blau


Marschgeschwindigkeit: 24km/h
Max Geschwindigkeit: 29km/h


Volumen: 8700L


motoren: 2
Hersteller: MTU
Motorleistung: 2000PS
Kraftstoffart: Diesel
Betriebsstunden: 800